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Monday Madness

Things, read and heard, that made me cringe. I’m sure they’ll do the same to you – and make you feel just a little more knowledgeable today because you, grammar friends, know better. 😉 “Our newest little kissable edition…” (Arguably, this could have been done intentionally, poetically, but I’m pretty sure the author meant addition.) … Continue reading


Friday Folly

A few foolish finds from the blogosphere for your flinching fun: “I can’t wait to step foot in an actual mall.” “This collection was no acception…” “My honey and I at dinner.” What have you seen or heard this week? ***Grammar friends, if you would like to be notified when a new blog post is … Continue reading

nauseated / nauseous / nauseous vs nauseated

Am I Nauseous? Or Is It Just Your Grammar?

***This is the blog I was going to write:*** Let’s get this straight, and I’ll put it simply: Nauseous refers to causing nausea. Nauseated, on the other hand, is what most people mean when they say they are “nauseous.” So, contrary to popular speech, the following sentences are correct: “I shouldn’t have eaten that questionable … Continue reading